Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Perfect Sisters Soundtrack

All Georgie Fan's We Know This Time if Perfect Sisters Soundtrack is " NOSIE " Music made By : Gemma Hayes.

Friday, August 10, 2012

No Tiff - Part 2

It is evident that turned out Perfect sisters are not accepted for the award TIFF. Already there are three very clear evidence to know that Perfect sisters Not be working with Tiff because two days ago bob mitchael tell you that there is no reward like a perfect Sisters On  tiff Awards and Stanley Brooks said again yesterday that Georgie, Abbie, and Mira play a very good for the perfect Sisters movie and for bob mitchael Book but why is rejected?

Our Only Hope of magnitude when the Moon Book and Movie Perfect Sisters Home to the publis and also to  Gets TIFF Award

                                        Stanley Brooks Says That On Her Twitter

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Tiff For Perfect Sisters

Bob Mitchell said yesterday that the perfect sisters are not accepted for the award because Tiff Receive Only The movie has a site, and the perfect sisters also could not accept the award Tiff Because Perfect sisters deserve to get the award yet.

we are georgie henley fans and Perfect sisters movie fans were also very much hope that Perfect sisters on the next month to attend the award perfect sisters Cooperate With Tiff.

Perfect Sisters was Reject to Tronto Film Festival.

We just Hope If Perfect sisters Book on The Next Month Can't confrim For TIFF.

First Look Georgie On Perfect Sisters

hello all fans of Georgie.
I had first seen acting in perfect sisters Georgie and do you know if she has a very good acting and great beyond Abigail Breslin but I think she was not too pretty for her appearances in films sisters perfect for the role she's playing it is Elizabeth or beth women who are addicted to drugs and dangerous drugs.

Georgie upload a picture of a tv show in the UK shows that three days ago she presented himself at the Beat Tv.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Georgie Apperance On Beat Tv

Georgie Henley was willing to present himself in the TV show made ​​by the coca cola tv show called Beat.

Appearing on the show she was on Monday, and precisely at 6: 30 PM GTM on ITV2 she only appeared 30 minutes but his performance is amazing because she displays in her music video Perfect sisters (new in his New movie makes at the beginning of the year 2012) to the role of Georgie as Elizabeth or beth.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fake Georgie On twitter

You Know If Many Fakes Georgie on twitter Tell If Her're The real one georgie ! What The Hell
that ?.  I'm really angry to hear it Because Georgie Henley DOESN'T Have Twitter So all Georgie Henley on twitter are Fake ! 

I Can Tell the King of Poser georgie On twitter, Her is @_GeorgieHenley 
I'm really angry with her cause Her tell : I'm The real One Georgie Henley On twitter Cos I have there Friends and Two sister's who Believe me ! 
I think @1annapopplewell. @_emmapetty, @carolinehall95 They're fake too and Anna Don't have twitter and I think and so busy for this time Because Her must Make Filming of Her New Movie  Halo 4 : Forward unto Dawn And I think anna never want to Online Cause She so busy and Do you Know If Her The real Fake One Of anna on Twitter