Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fake Georgie On twitter

You Know If Many Fakes Georgie on twitter Tell If Her're The real one georgie ! What The Hell
that ?.  I'm really angry to hear it Because Georgie Henley DOESN'T Have Twitter So all Georgie Henley on twitter are Fake ! 

I Can Tell the King of Poser georgie On twitter, Her is @_GeorgieHenley 
I'm really angry with her cause Her tell : I'm The real One Georgie Henley On twitter Cos I have there Friends and Two sister's who Believe me ! 
I think @1annapopplewell. @_emmapetty, @carolinehall95 They're fake too and Anna Don't have twitter and I think and so busy for this time Because Her must Make Filming of Her New Movie  Halo 4 : Forward unto Dawn And I think anna never want to Online Cause She so busy and Do you Know If Her The real Fake One Of anna on Twitter  
And I think Emma petty ( Georgie Friends ) DOESN'T have twitter. I know that For her Friends Emma Tapper From My Space and Who is Caroline hall ?
Georgie Don't have a friends Like Caroline hall Georgie Say's it on Her Interview ! so I believe if @1annapopplewell, @_emmapetty, @carolinehall95 They're fake and how about the Kinf of poser georgie @_georgiehenley She fake too Cause all The twitter is Made by Her.
So she're fake !


  1. Really ? But She have many photo of Georgie ?

    1. It's a fake Photo Cause The Photo Made by Her and It's an Edites

    2. But as i can see Emma has a facebook and twitter account now ! i just saw it on Emma Tapper Friends list :)